Candle 2
Candle 3
Candy 2
Candy Cane 2
Candy Cane
Candy Log
Candy Planks
Candy Table
Chocolate Milk
Colored Lights
Diamond Snow Flake
Fire Place
Frosted Pane
Gold Hook
Gold Snow Flake
Hot Chocolate
Ice Drill
Light Plug
Mint Oil
Ornament 2
Snow Flake
Snow Globe Recipie
Snow Globe 2
Winter 1
Winter 2
Winter 3
Winter 4

Recipes in which candy planks can be substituted for normal planks

  • Crafting Table
  • Chest
  • Empty Bowl

Recipes in which Kringle stone can be substituted for normal stone

  • Furnace


All standard tools (pickaxe, sword, shovel, etc) can be crafted using candy wood, Kringle stone, festum ingots, or acelus and candy sticks.


In order to customize a gift you right click it to open the GUI and add the gift item/block. Then you can add wrapping paper (which customizes the base texture), gift tags (which allows you to choose who can open the gift), and ribbon (which customizes the ribbon texture on top) by right clicking on the gift with them. In order to make a custom wrapping paper or ribbon, place the wrapping paper/ribbon in the center of a crafting table and put a dye in one of the slots around it. Repeat this with the same item of wrapping paper/ribbon to add layers.

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